Sims 4: Island Living

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You are used to a city life with The Sims. So it goes: you enter the game, find yourself in one of the cities, and choose a family to live. The city environment is pretty nice itself, especially considering the customization and building options each of The Sims games have for you. However, how about trying something radically new? How about taking your beloved characters somewhere else? Let’s say, they are having a long vacation this year and want to have a rest after a whole year of hard work. Which place would you choose for them to travel to? We guess, that you would choose a bounty exotic island where everything looks like paradise. The air is so fresh because there is an ocean right beside you. The jungle birds sing their songs and you are already taking photos of an amazing scenery. This is how the vacations of The Sims will look this year!
So The Sims 4: Island Living is a perfect adventure you have been dreaming of. Here the characters find themselves having rest on the shore of a tropical island and there are so many interesting things to discover. Finally, they can forget about their works, career goals, problems with relationships, and other stuff. Only the sun and the fresh wind matters when you are at a fairy-tale island! In this game, you will see your characters doing various leisure things. They will take the sun bathes, swim in the ocean, and find new friends among the locals. This might be the most interesting part – the locals are very welcoming and they will feed you with their national food. Also, they would like to see you wearing their national costumes, so why not? The discoveries here are endless and you will have a really great time having active rest with your sims in this game. So have fun and make these vacations memorable!