The Sims 2

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A life-simulator The Sims doesn’t need any special presentations – everyone who knows at least anything about the genre surely knows the game. In the second part, you will control one or a number of virtual people – sims. They share the same territory and are called a family. There are three main regimes in this game: the regime of life, the regime of consummation, and the regime of building. You are to choose one you like the most. There are two other functions in the game – an editor for the characters and for the entire city you live in. In the life regime, you are going to control the character or a family. Your task is to arrange his or her life in the best way: educate him, improve his emotional state, help him to get a dream-job, find friends, beloved ones, etc. If you stop controlling the character – don’t worry, nothing really bad will happen. The computer will do the job for you, however, you will miss an opportunity to take an active part in one the life phases he or she is currently going though.
Day and night chance each other in this game. Each day lasts for 24 minutes which is an equivalent to 24 hours. You can make the time go faster and you might want to do so when the characters are sleeping or working. When you launch the game, you have three ready-made towns to choose. However, you are welcome to get an empty sample of the city and create your own from the ground up. The customization options go far beyond that, so you are welcome to create characters the way you want as well. Everything can be changed and created from scratch.