Sims 3

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The third part might be one of the most successful one in this franchise. The Sims 3 is a user-generated universe, where you play in a so-called digital sandbox and arrange the lives of different characters that are also created by you. In this game you have a large amount of families – twenty-six – and some of the characters come from the previous parts of the game. However, you will meet some new characters as well. The events of the game work as a prequel to the previous parts of the series because you can meet some of the sims that have already died or got old in the first and second parts. Some families live in large family mansions, the other own small modest houses. Some dwellers have tragic lives – they have lost their husbands or relatives. There is a depressive widow in one of the large Victorian mansions. The woman is in sorrow and most city dwellers avoid her.
You will also meet the new families here. For example, there is one family that has gained their wealth doing some unlawful things and now they are extremely rich and live in one of the most significant buildings of the town. Some families have negative relationships and conflicts. The others are real enemies that hate each other. There are wealthy and poor, happy and unhappy, lonely and cheerful people here. As such, the entire community of the digital characters look and feel so real, just like you are taking control over the lives of real people and decide their destinies. You are expected to make their lives better, so good luck.
The essence of the game is simple: you will have to take care of one of the families. The amount of members can grow and become smaller with time – new children are born while the old ones die. However, the total amount of family members cannot exceed eight people. There is no particular story line in the game and everything mostly depends on your actions. You can develop the families and their members as long as you want to – the game can be called an infinite one. The format of an open sandbox with numerous opportunities for the environment amendments as well as characters controlling allows you to build any kind of a story. The game can end only if all of your sims die for that or another reason. However, even if something like that happens, you can choose another family and continue playing further. Improve the characters’ careers and don’t forget to help them follow their desires and dreams.