The Sims 4

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Another part of The Sims is gladdening the public fond of simulator games. Indeed, it is hard to find a real-life simulator that is more advanced and addictive than The Sims. Starting from the distant 2000, this game is the most favorite and popular one of its kind. Millions of people of all ages spend hours constructing the lives of digital characters from the ground up, making them live a happy and successful life. And if you are a fan of the game, you will agree that it is really hard to stop playing. Especially, when there are so many parts of the series and each has something unique to present. On this website, you can play the forth part of the franchise about Sims for free! Here you will find yourself in another story that you create on your own. Let this story be a really nice one!
So once you enter the game, you will be offered to control the life of one or a couple of characters. The characters can fall in love and get married and as such, you can create an entire family and take care of a larger amount of people. Your aim is to satisfy their needs, desires, and aspirations in life. These are pretty basic – beautiful house, a beloved person, kids, nice gadgets, and interesting job with nice perspectives. Education, work, hobbies, relationships and all other parts of the sim’s life will belong to you. The game doesn’t have a strict plot, so you are the one to create it. The events take place in a calm and quite town where a number of families live. All of them are unique and have their own appearance, behavior, traits of character, emotions, aspirations, etc. Which means that your controlled sims are personalities so you have to consider their special traits when building their lives to make them happy. There are two scales that show the type of relationships between the sims – romantic and friendship.
When starting the game, you will have to choose one of the families that live in a town. The characters have different ages so you can play with children as well as the old ones. There are editors for the appearance of the sims – you can change their faces, hair, clothes, and body shape. There more than 20 shades of skin available as well as more than 15 shades of hair. The height, face, and weight can be also altered the way you want. Each sim has his own life aim and psychological traits that will influence his/her future decisions and way of living. You are to control everything here, so do interesting and creative decisions and see what happens.