The Sims 5

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It is always a bit frightening to wait for a new part of your favorite game. There are several common things all fans are usually afraid of. First, nobody wants to get restricted content in a new part. We really want the developers to present even more, but not less! Second, we all want to see the game that is similar to the previous ones, because we love them so much… At the same time, we are expecting to get something original and new! But the main features should be saved and improved. This is a perfect situation, which doesn’t always happen on the real life! Now you are welcome to try one of the most awaited video games of the last decade and this is the fifth part of The Sims. What exactly you are going to get in this game? Let’s discuss.
The series we all like – The Sims – is known as a 1-player game where you are the only master and god. You don’t have neither rivals, nor helpers – just you and your small digital people, fully controlled by you and no one else. The developers of the game tried to attract more players with a new decision – they have created a multiplayer game, but actually this decision was not so successful. The problem is that people actually focus on their sims and don’t cooperate and communicate too much with other players. Today most of the games have a multiplayer version and The Sims 5 is not an exception. But you can always tick to the 1-player mode and play with your sims the way you want without any necessity to consider someone else.
The gameplay in the fifth part is pretty much similar to all the other games of this famous franchise. As always, you have a family and you need to develop it. Make them happy, make them successful in life, socialize them. You will have to take care of both – people and their environment, which means that you are also expected to show your designer skills and make their house look great. Be aware that when your sims get better jobs and climb up on a career ladder (because of your help, of course), they have more financial capacities. As such, their modest houses can be turned into real royal mansions. Move further and see how amazing and successful a digital life can be! Make sure that your sims are always fed, happy, and know what to do with their lives. As you know, some of them might go lazy and even depressive sometimes, so be sure that you make their well-being worthy. The game Sims 5 is available for free playing on this site. Try now!