The Sims 6

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So you have been waiting for a new part of The Sims for so long and finally this has happened. Welcome to the world of realistic and well-thought life simulation where you will take a position of a real demiurge! Control the lives of the characters and do everything to make them succeed in their digital lives. As any other part of The Sims, this new one brings you to a city where the digital people live their lives. From now on, you will become their master and arrange all of the parts of their existence. In the beginning of the game, you will choose yourself a family or a character to take care of. Before the process actually starts, you need to create your characters from the ground up. We bet that you will be totally amazed by the number of customization options because in this new game there are really a great deal of various things to try. Comparing to the previous parts, this one has a better quality of drawing as such your sims will look more realistic and unique.
You will start with constructing the appearance of each sim. Everything is changeable here, from the hairstyle and color, skin, and race to the body shape, height, eyes, noses, and all the rest. You can create a sim that looks like you or some of your friends, which is a very exciting experience. Also, the inner world of the sims will be created by you. The main feature of the game and something that makes it really that great and different from the other simulators is that you have a chance to prescribe the character traits and life aspirations to each of your sims. These traits and desires will work as triggers and stoppers in the further game. For example, a sad and depressive character might have problems with procrastination and depression and you are the one to save him or her from falling into the ocean of tears. Try different options and have fun with your sims!